Okra soup is nutritious, especially when it is cooked with protein, like fish, meat and vitamins from the pepper. Okra soup is not only beneficial to pregnant women but to everybody. But for pregnant women, here are 7 health benefits of eating Okra soup.

1. It is rich in fibre. Therefore, it helps with proper bowel movement.

2. Okra is rich in vitamin K and this helps to prevent excessive bleeding; hence, helping your blood to clot easily.

3. According to research, eating okra during pregnancy can ease labour. Thus, it aids quicker and less painful delivery.

4. As you eat Okra soup, you’re protected against cancer.

5. Okra soup makes the heart healthy because it has no cholesterol, which is great for a healthy heart.

6. Okra soup helps to build your unborn baby’s bones.

7. Another important health benefit of Okra soup is that it helps to control weight gain. You do not have to be scared of adding too much weight while pregnant, as it is filling but not fattening.

It’s time to stock up your fridge with more than enough Okra so you can enjoy this wonderful delicacy and get the nutritional and health benefits it offers.