A Twitter user, with the handle @dhat_Adesua, has said that the current feud between Davido and his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, was probably ignited by Chioma.

Recall that Davido released a statement that did not quite sit well with Sophia and this has led to social media users choosing sides between the artist and his first baby mama.

@Dhat_Adesua asserted on Twitter that Chioma deliberately had Davido release his statement in a bid to spite Sophia.

Explaining her claim, Adesua tweeted:

“Chioma hates Sophia and she must have known what transpired because I am sure David would have told her from the onset knowing Sophia would post about it (that’s her thing).

“Now, why do I feel chioma instructed David to post this to the public to hurt Sophia?”.