The Bursar of the University of Ibadan, Micheal Alatise has disclosed that the auditor hired by the institution to work on the university’s accounts became blind while working on them in 2008.

This disclosure was made by the bursar while appearing before the house of representatives committee on public accounts on Thursday.

According to THE NATION report, the bursar said the external auditor, whom he did not disclose his name, died in the process, thereby delaying completion of the work.

Reacting to the bursar’s claims, the Chairman of the House of Representatives Public Accounts Committee, Hon. Oluwole Oke ordered that full investigation into the university’s financial status should commence.

“That somebody went blind does not mean that the firm will go into extinction. It can’t,” Oke was quoted as saying.

He further said it is unacceptable that UI does not have an account with the auditor-general of the federation “from 2014 till date.”

“No! You won’t get money in the next budgetary allocation,” the lawmaker added.

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Reacting to Hon. Oluwole Oke’s statement, Alatise said while the auditor’s blindness delayed the examination of the accounts, a new auditor employed has not been able to do the work because of some challenges.

“We had a new auditor; it was the new external auditor that was having problems,” he said.

“He had to go to his (old auditor’s) house several times because there were some static figures that needed to be cleared.”