Please help me, I’m loosing my sanity everyday!
I’m scared to open up to friends and families because of what they will think or how disappointed or bad I will make them feel, also I’m afraid people will be judgemental about my actions.

I’m not physically and emotional connected with my husband which is affecting our marriage and my well-being, we live as co-tenant, we hardly have any conversation, we do things differently, we share different rooms, no sex for the past 3 years! Even during courtship and the fist two years of marriage I can account for days we were intimate.

Things are fallen out of place everyday, we have a child together who will be 4yrs and the thought of having another child has not crossed my mind.

I get irritated at everything, I hardly show appreciation towards him even if it means he has done his best, which later i will find myself guilty and try to make up but the spark and connection isn’t just there.

Most times, I have a non-challant attitude towards him and everything he does to make me happy.

I feel lonely, bored and incomplete even when I’m 90% sure my husband loves me and always ready to make me happy.

I feel awkward communicating my feelings and thoughts to him because I know I might flare up with anger even when he hasn’t done or said anything to warrant it.

Please I have come to this faceless forum to pour out my mind, my heart is heavy, I need someone to talk to, I’m afraid my personal intention of walking out this marriage even when my husband hasn’t done anything to deserve this might backfire and has its negative effect on our child.

I honestly don’t need anyone to insult me please as I’m going through a lot. All i need is mature married wo(men) opinions