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Covid-19: Edo Rep Pleads Traders, Others Not To Hike Prices Of Food Items

Posted By Bekee Wisdom | In Politics | Mar 31, 2020, 6:07 am

As most Nigerians continue to face economic challenges due to the spread of Covid-19 that had necessitated the lockdown of the country, a member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama has pleaded with traders no to hike the prices of essential commodities.

He said that the times were unusual, urging the people to be their brother’s keepers.

The plea was contained in a statement the lawmaker personally signed and made available to Vanguard in Abuja on Monday.

He said: “I plead with our traders and sellers to have the fear of God in their hearts and compassion towards their brothers and sisters this period by resisting the temptation to hoard and over-price essentials goods.

“I have been shocked to see the astronomical rise in the costs of items like face-masks, hand-gloves, and hand-sanitizers. No ‘artificial-profit’ that costs lives is worth it.

“I am confident we will defeat this. We all just need to play our part.”

The Lawmaker who is representing Oredo Federal Constituency of Edo State said that though the pandemic has made life difficult, only proper information and right actions would help in its defeat.

He encouraged the people to always take their personal hygiene very serious, adding that Nigeria will overcome the disease.

“The Corona Virus (COVID-19) presents the most difficult situation we have found ourselves, probably since the civil war.

“While these are really scary times, we are not in a hopeless situation. As with every challenge that confronts man, the solutions always come from the same sources – Knowledge and Action.

“Defeating this scourge truly is not difficult if we will get accurate and genuine knowledge about it and take necessary actions to protect ourselves to stop the spread. Here are a few important things to know and do;

“The virus can not harm us as long as it remains outside our bodies. So even if you contact someone who has it, it has no effect on you until you ingest it. We must not let it get in. That is why two of the most important actions you can take this period are to wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face.

“We must help stop the spread by avoiding as much as possible any sort of gatherings and avoid handshakes. As much as possible, the best place to be now is in your home.

“Thankfully the government has helped by taking some pro-active steps that we believe will go a long way in stemming the spread if followed by our people.

“I commiserate with everyone who has tested positive so far and ask that we keep them in our prayers. Let us appreciate very deeply our healthcare professionals working sacrificially in the front-lines of combating this pandemic. We will not lose any of them to this.

“Let me add very important that we be careful about the authenticity of the information we consume this period. So much ‘fake news’ and ‘un-proven solutions’ permeate the social media space these days. It is important we act on information from only credible news sources, and as much as possible avoid any kind of self-medication. If you sense you have symptoms, please consult a health-care centre”, Ihama said.



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