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Should Guys Stop Giving Ladies Money ? – Read more

Posted By Above naija ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | In Lifestyle, Relationship | Apr 8, 2020, 6:24 am

There is a difference between a guy who decides to give his lady money without her making demands and a lady who has the habit of demanding.

It is ok to give your lady money only if you feel like or when it is extremely necessary and you should only give money you can afford without expecting anything in return but never ever put yourself in a difficult position where the lady you are dating will be making financial requests from you as if it is her right because no matter the sacrifices you make, she will still dump you if she wants to and when you look back to recount all you have done for her, you will realize how all the money you have given her would have been enough to change the life of someone very dear to you.

I have read many stories of guys lamenting about how they spent so much for a lady just for the same lady to end up dumping them for another man and i always wonder if these ladies forced the money out of them at gunpoint.

A lady who truly desires you will never make unrealistic financial demands from you but only a woman who does not have your interest will make demands as she wishes because she has no plans with you… the fact that you give a lady money does not mean she will love you and…in fact, a woman will take your money and give to another broke guy she desires cos a woman will sleep with a man she truly wants even if she gets nothing from him.

Please work hard, save and invest your money for your future, spend on your parents and family members and if you must give any lady money please do it without expecting anything in return and give only what you can afford.

Don’t be scared of losing any lady because you have no money to give to her and stop wasting your money chasing shadows cos a lady who will be yours will always be yours and a lady who is truly yours will help you save your money and not take and take from you because if you give your girlfriend money because you don’t want to lose her, you must keep up with her demands even after you marry her else she will dump you

Hope this makes sense.



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