Good day everyone,

I’m the guy that likes to flirt with women (trying so hard to change). Sometime last year November, I hand some sex encounters with 4 different women (2 unprotected) and by first week of December I started experiencing some symptoms which include;

1.White tongue
2. Occassional diarrhoea (watery, oily and formy stool ever since then. I feel sudden need to ease like twice or thrice a day).
3. A gradual weight loss (I eat very well, mainly fruits and proteins with carbohydrates on average)
4. Occasional hand tremor.
5. Occasional body vibration and fast heart rate.

I used to smoke marijuana and take alcohol, but stopped. I also masturbated for about 5-6yrs, then stopped last year which added to flirting with women. I’ve not masturbated since then, but still take alcohol (mainly vodka).

I went to a university teaching hospital, met with the consultant and explained to her just as I’m doing here (she was wowed!). She then directed me to do HIV test (came back negative), H. Pylori test (also came out negative) and another test (I’ve forgotten the name).

She then prescribed, nystatin oral suspension and vitamin B Complex which I’ve finished taking, yet no change. Meanwhile, I’ve taken fluconazole, antibacteria and probiotics of late.

I’m waiting for the lockdown to be lifted to go back, but before then, (who knows when this whole problem will end) felt i might get some help here.

Please Doctors, what could be wrong with me. Especially this diarrhoea and white tongue. My stomach is always rumbling after eating. Please help.

Thank you.