Captain Tom Moore, 99, a British war veteran, has raised more than $22 million for the health service by walking laps of his garden, prompting calls for him to be recognized by Queen Elizabeth.

Moore completed the last of 100 laps of his garden on Thursday.

The retired army captain originally aimed to raise 1,000 pounds by completing his challenge before his 100th birthday on April 30.

But he captured the hearts of the locked-down nation, and donations flooded in from across the world.

“He’s an absolute national hero,” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said. “What a tremendous gentleman. He is truly a British champion and I think he’s given people a sense of hope.”

When asked if Moore should be recognized by Queen Elizabeth for his endeavor, Shapps said:

“I wouldn’t want to preempt Her Majesty’s honors list but it is quite clear that this gentleman has just been almost the salvation of the nation in these difficult times. I think everybody is supportive of the idea of him being recognized.”

Moore said the walk was inspired by the care he received from Britain’s state-run National Health Service when he broke his hip and when he was treated for cancer.