It’s has been reported that a Nigerian student identified as Seyi Akinade has committed suicide for failing to get justice after he was brutalized by SARS policemen.

According to his step brother, Snarky, who shared the news on twitter, few hours before committing suicide, Seyi took to twitter to say his goodbye and also explain how he has not been able to get justice. Unfortunately, Snarky said he did not see the tweet until he heard about his death.

In his words “Seyi posted this around this time yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t see the tweet, I don’t know what happened or even if I could have helped. Seyi is dead now. My step brother is dead!”

“My younger brother died earlier this morning and I can’t help beating myself up for missing the clues he left as to what he was going through. My theory is that he committed suicide out of depression based on the way SARS officials treated him.”