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10 tourist destinations to cool off in Ghana when coronavirus battle is over

Posted By Kenneth nwakauba | In Lifestyle | Apr 24, 2020, 7:41 am

With news of rising death tolls, crashing stock markets and declarations from top officials that global pandemic is causing more harm, it’s unsurprising that individuals are worried.

If not downright panic, it is no news that the whole thought of the disease is stressful.

Just like President Akufo-Addo said, “This one too shall pass.” And when finally it does, it is just okay and more relaxing to get a hideout or a normal site where you can clear all the panic, anxiety and stress that coronavirus came with.

In Ghana, you get beautiful hinterland, sunny beaches, rich culture, lively cities, welcoming locals and tons of wildlife where you can enjoy to release you from all the stress.

For a never forgetful experience, here are some tourist destinations in Ghana you should try while you clear your head:

1. Doom Paintball

This is an interesting place to have an adventurous place to have your dates. The Doom Paintball is located at Burma Camp, Accra.

Doom Plaintball
Doom Paintball

2. Shai Hills Resource Reserve

The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is a resource reserve located in Doryumu in the Greater Accra Region.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve
Shai Hills Resource Reserve

It consists of a broad savanna surrounding forested hills and has expansive views and interesting wildlife reserve.

3. Mavels Mini Golf

This is an impressive mini-golf course that holds appeal for fun-loving adults. It has a lovely very green setting that makes you feel nature. Mavels mini golf is located at Dzorwulu, Accra.

Mavels Mini Golf
Mavels Mini Golf

Whether one is a beginner or a pro, Mavels Mini Golf is the one-stop spot for enjoying a good game of golf.

4. Labadi Beach

Located at Labadi in Accra, the beach has fascinating beachfront that offers a variety of attractions as well as activities.

Labadi Beach
Labadi Beach

5. Sandbox

Sandbox is a great one for all beach-lovers. Located at South Labadi Estates, it has a state-of-the-art beach resort that gives visitors so much fun, a romantic getaway and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.


6. Serenity Beach

Located at Sakumono in Accra, Serenity Beach has a natural charm that makes you more relaxed.

Serenity Beach
Serenity Beach

7. Sajuna Beach Club

Sajuna Beach Club is a great place to enjoy yourself. You can relax on the beautifully designed private beach, or have a barbecue on the white sand.


It is located between Senchi and Atimpoku on the Akosombo road.

8. Boti Falls

Boti Falls is a twin waterfall located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. These twin falls are referred to as female and male. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country. It is about 2 hours drive from Accra.

Boti Falls
Boti Falls

You can swim at this falls and spend the whole day there and also visit the beads market.

You will also have the option to do a hike to the umbrella rock, it is about 1hour hike up in the rocky forest. Perfect for you if you love hiking.

On the way back you can stop by the Aguri Botanical gardens.

9. Cape Three Point

Cape Three Points is a small peninsula in the Western Region of Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean. It marks the western end of the Gulf of Guinea.

Cape Three Points
Cape Three Points

If you like, you can take a canoe ride to Cape Three Points, the southernmost tip of Ghana.

There’s a great bar scene, good food, and plenty of local attractions to provide a good combination of lazing about and seeing new things.

10. Aqua Safari

For a mash-up of thrilling and luxury experiences, Aqua Safari is one of the best places to visit outside Accra.

Aqua Safari
Aqua Safari

The layout of the well-positioned masterpieces of the Aqua Safari structure offers an intimate connection to the raw landscape, integrating the wildlife all the way to the Crocodile Island and beach where you can sometimes spot whales.

Whether you want a calm or vibrant stay, Aqua Safari’s water activities are exciting for different age groups and their restaurant is one for the family and friends.

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