Drama Looms As Cynthia Morgan Calls Out Jude Okoye Again, Says ‘You Will Suffer For Your Evil Ways’

Cynthia Morgan has stunned her fans after calling out Jude Okoye again.

A message shared via her Instagram account cussed out Jude Okoye for his “evil ways.”

It will be recalled that the last time anything was heard from the singer and her former record label boss, it appeared they were ready to bury the hatchet. Cynthia, who had said her music career came to a halt after she signed with Jude Okoye’s Northside Entertainment label, cleared the air in an open letter and thanked Jude Okoye.

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However, only weeks after thanking him, the singer, who now goes by the name Madrina, appears to be back to blasting him.

The message shared via her Instagram Stories reads: “@judeengees you will suffer for your evil ways.”