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Losing Weight Increased My Self-Esteem – Actress, Olaide Adeyiga



Losing Weight Increased My Self-Esteem – Actress, Olaide Adeyiga

Actress, Olaide Adeyiga, has said that apart from talent, eloquence, versatility, and carriage, being in good physical shape helps one to get the needed attention in the movie industry.

Adeyiga, who transformed from a size 16 to size 10, said her weight loss had opened more doors for her.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “As an actor, looking good is good business. One needs to look good for one’s fans. I wasn’t comfortable with my body before because I had low self-esteem and clothes didn’t fit me. I started doing a lot of research and I got a solution. People didn’t have issues with my size but I didn’t love myself. I was not comfortable with my look and didn’t like the fact that I was on the big side. I’m a young girl and I didn’t want to look like an old woman. Even in the movie industry, I didn’t like some of the roles I was given, such as acting as a mother to a 17-year-old person. But now, producers would think twice before giving me such roles. I can’t do cosmetics surgery because my mother wouldn’t allow it. I also heard that cosmetics surgery is painful and I didn’t think I could withstand such pain, plus I didn’t want to die. I didn’t even go on a diet. I only took appetite suppressants that extract carbohydrates and sugar from the body and break down the fat.

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“I have been getting positive comments since I lost weight. Many designers, as well as movie directors and producers, have also been calling me, requesting for collaborations. As an actor, one needs to look good. It isn’t always about talent alone, one’s carriage, mannerisms and eloquence also work hand in hand. I don’t want to gain weight anymore. However, I didn’t lose weight because of anybody. I did it for myself. My friends used to call me ‘Fat Albert’ and anytime we were to attend any event, I had to try on many clothes. I’m really excited about this new me. Initially, I didn’t even think it would work.’’

Adeyiga also noted that she wanted to be known as a versatile actress. She said, “In the movie industry, everyone thinks they are doing you a favour (by featuring you in their films). They want one to be loyal but I see that type of loyalty as slavery. Being loyal to anyone doesn’t mean I cannot spread my tentacles and work with other people. I didn’t have it easy when I started acting.

“However, I didn’t have to do anything (special) to become noticed. I’m not boasting but if one is good at what one does, one would be noticed. When I started acting, I didn’t refuse any role because I wanted to be known as a versatile actress; I didn’t want to be stereotyped.”


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