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“Calling Me An Ungrateful Woman Is Not True” – Success Adegor’s Mother Vera Reacts



“Calling Me An Ungrateful Woman Is Not True” – Success Adegor’s Mother Vera Reacts

Vera Adegor, mother of popular internet sensation, Success Adegor has spoken up after she was tagged an ingrate by Nigerian comedian, MC Jollof.

The drama started after her daughter, Success Adegor made a video where she claimed that all the promises made to her were fake, and none was fulfilled.

Success claimed that her father still rides okada and they are still in lack, despite being publicised by the media as ‘wealthy’.

Reacting to Success’ claim, MC Jollof blasted Success Adegor and her parents for being ingrates, saying they got nothing less than N1million through donations.

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However, in new reports by TheCableLifestyle, Success mother, Vera Adegor explained some promises were fulfilled, but MC Jollof’s claim of ingratitude on her family’s part isn’t true.

In her words;

“MC Jollof came when he heard of the incident and paid for the second term to school success in a private institution. As of that time, the government had yet to come into the matter”.

“Government said they couldn’t allow Success to leave at the time until the renovation project on it [as it was dilapidated] was complete, for the sake of those who would also benefit from it.

“I called Mr. Jollof on the development, expecting he would retrieve his money since he paid into the school’s account not to me directly. I neither reached out to the school nor took the money.

“I’m not saying he didn’t do well, I thank him. But claiming I’m an ungrateful human being is not true. I told Charles Okpaleke, because of whom the government later give her a scholarship from four to six.

“It was when the commissioner came to check the school and didn’t see Success they remembered they promised her scholarship. They called to ask what happened and I told them she wasn’t given.

“…and that someone else paid for her four to six. So the government said they didn’t want her to go to a private school until she finishes there. So they also gave her a scholarship from four to six.”

Speaking further, she cleared the air about comedian AY, who has been slammed heavily after her daughter spoke on fake promises. Vera explained that the comedian did his best in taking up the issue.

On the promise to Success’ father, Vera disclosed that the LGA chairman had promised he would employ him at the secretariat while with media personnel but later said there was no job when paid a visit.

She said the chairman had offered to work out a commercial tricycle on a lease, despite having their own commercial bike — an offer which she said they had turned down due to the financial risk.

“I thank both those who made good on their promises and those who didn’t. To those who did, I apologize. She’s a child and wasn’t referring to those who helped her,” Vera told TheCable Lifestyle.

“She addressed those she took note of. One that came with the media was Mr. Honourable Kelvin. In her presence, he promised to pack (relocate) us then. The next we called, he refused to answer.

“Another one that occurred was when she asked the chairman to give her dad a job. He agreed to do so but, at the end of the day, didn’t comply. Another news also circulated that she was given a visa.

“There are many others that I can’t immediately recall. She wasn’t begging for another donation. Only that she’s a child that always speaks her mind. She was just trying to address her concerns.

“I am sincerely grateful to those who fulfilled their pledges, like Mr. Charles Opaleke, who paid for primary four to six in Our Saviour School. AY Makun also did his best, and so many others.”


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