Violent Protests Shakes Kano As Teenager Dies In Police Station.

Saifullahi a 17-year-old teenager has reportedly died in Police custody and the people of Kano are protesting about the way which he died….

Saifullahi of Kofar Mata quarters was said to have been arrested 2 days ago by the police, while he was asleep at his family house.

Reports have it that despite protests by the people of the community that he was never known for any criminal tendencies, he remained in police custody where he allegedly gave up the ghost.

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Dailypost found out that Saifullahi had been released on bail only for the police to re-arrest and detain him again, where he was allegedly tortured to death.

The police brought his corpse to the family house this morning, Monday, a development which angered the people to take to the streets and they started making bonfires in protests.
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