See Video of Socialite, Ginimbi Clubbing Hard With Friends Inside Club Hours Before His Death

It was revealed that a socialite who died in a fatal road accident was clubbing hours before his untimely death.

A socialite, ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure has been spotted in a video clubbing with friends just hours before he met his untimely death in a bloody road accident.

The incident reportedly took place in the morning hours of Sunday along the Borrowdale Road in the capital. Reports gathered that, Ginimbi was speeding down Borrowdale Road when he crushed with an oncoming Honda Fit.

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Three of his friends Karim, Elisha, and Moana with Kadungure also gave up the ghost after their car crashed and exploded on the spot afterwards.

Ginimbi was reportedly coming from his night club “Dreams Night Club” after a birthday party celebration.

Watch video of the socialite at the club;