Police officers in Bauchi state have paraded two ritualists for allegedly killing and removing the v@gina of a girl.

The two suspects while Narrating their roles in the dastardly act confessed that they committed the heinous act for N500,000.

The police identified the suspects as Abdulkadir Wada (19) and Adamu Abdulrauf (20).

When interrogated, they confessed that they were asked to bring the s@xual organ of a female by a native doctor.

The chief culprit, Wada, disclosed that he and Abdulrauf had gone to Kwata, the area the latter’s elder brother, who is married, lives.

It was gathered that they waylaid a little girl, dragged her into an uncompleted building and strangled her to death.

Wada said; “Abdulrauf then removed a knife from his pocket and cut off the girl’s private part. It was a marabout, who is now at large, that asked us to get him a female s@xual part in return for N500,000.”

However, Abdulrauf denied killing their victim, he said:

“Wada who came and met me in our house. He told me that he and one of his friend went to a spiritualist who promised them N500,000 if they bring a female v@gina. I told him I am not interested. I discussed with one of my friend called Musa, he advised me to avoid Wada.

“The next day, while I was in my shop doing my mechanic work, I met Wada at the garage. He then gave me an amulet (charm), which I threw inside my pocket. Later on, we met and he asked me to accompany him to a place called Kwata.

“When we got to the area, we saw two young girls at a location. We called them. Wada removed a handkerchief from his pocket and flashed it on one of the girl’s face. After she slumped, he took her into an uncompleted structure and removed her organs as directed by the native doctor.”