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Meet The Arabian Prince Who Has Been Sleeping For 16 years Now (photos)

Published By Uche Frank | In World | Apr 5, 2021
Meet The Arabian Prince Who Has Been Sleeping For 16 years Now (photos)

In 1988, Prince Khalid wedded Jazzi bint Saud canister Abdulaziz Al Saud in Riyadh, He is the previous president of Saudi’s Al-Hilal Volleyball Club.

His son, Al Waleed bin Khalid bin Talal Al Saud, suffered from a traffic accident in Riyadh which caused him to be in a coma, and he was lying at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh but was reportedly moved home in early 2016 after a decade in the hospital as a “brain dead” patient.

In January 2020 it was announced that he had been officially dead.

Sleeping is a natural phenomenon that occurs daily in every human being. However,some kind of sleep are not the natural ones we usually experience.

The thought of having to sleep for years is not one that any rational human being would want to accommodate. However, some people have had to experience this because of their unusual health Conditions

One of the youngest Princes in the Arabian Kingdom Royal Family has been sleeping since 2005. Princes Al-Waleed bin Khalid Al-Saud has been Comatose for years

Comatose is a health condition caused by a disorder in the functionality of the human brain resulting in the induction of long term sleep of the human body.

The young prince who went into the state of coma after being a dreadful accident has been sleeping for the past 16years

And in June 2020, the popular Saudi Arabia prince, Khalid Bin Talal Al Saud who has been in a coma in sixteen years has raised the hopes of all Saudi Arabians and the world at large.

All over the world, many are saying a word of prayer for the ‘Sleeping Prince’ as he still lays on his bed for more than a decade.

During one of the sessions where he was receiving treatment whilst in a coma, Khalid miraculously moved his head from side to side

We hope and pray he recovers fully.

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