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How frustration led Dorathy Bachor into Big Brother Naija House – Read More



Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Dorathy Bachor, has revealed how frustration after losing her two jobs led her into the reality show house.

Bachor, who was the first runner-up in the 2020 edition of the reality show said, ” I was just that girl hustling and trying to make ends meet but it wasn’t working. I could not maintain one job and I remember that I was running two jobs. However, I got fired from one and had to leave the second one too. I also got frustrated but I knew that business was what I really wanted to do. I wanted a platform where people could see me and know what I do. That was why I went into the show (BBN).”

Now one of the most influential ex housemates of the reality show, Ms Bachor also stated that two months after she got out of the competition, she did not spend a dime of her money because she was bombarded with daily gifts.


“For two months after the show, I did not use my money to buy anything. I was constantly getting gifts and I still do not understand it. I felt that because people watched me every day and there is something about me they can relate to, they wanted to show me love and give me gifts.”

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The social media influencer also admitted that when she first got into the reality show, she felt self-conscious. She added, “I was conscious of myself while I was in the house. I was always particular about my angles. It was not about me not being myself. It was about me being on camera for the first time, so I had to check in on every part of myself. For the first few weeks, I was really conscious but at some point, It just felt like living my life.

“I am someone who always wants to be behind the scene. I was scared of public opinions and how people would see me. I visited blogs sometimes and I saw how ‘crazy’ people could be and how they always had opinions about other people, and I didn’t want that for myself..

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