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We Will Kill Gov ‘Hopeless’ Uzodinma — Strange group ‘Anonymous’ vows

Published By Prisca Uzor | In News, Politics | Jun 2, 2021

Accuses Uzodimma of complicity in assassination Ahmed Gulak

A strange group that called itself “Anonymous” has appeared on the horizon and added a new twist to the confusion bedeviling Imo State, vowing to stop at nothing to destroy Governor “Hopeless” Uzodimma until he is “laid down below the ground level”.

Anonymous disclosed this in a video recorded message but later produced in a written version “as requested by many”, it claimed.

In the message, the group accused Governor Uzodimma of playing a role in the death of a Ahmed Gulak who was assassinated over the weekend.

It alleged that the murder was executed in cahoots with the National Security Adviser (NSA), Major General Babagana M. Monguno (rtd).

It said Nigerians must be aware that those pointed to as the killers of Mr Ahmed Gulak are all innocent as Gulak was a bait used by the agendists to ignite a full blown war.

See the transcript below:
“Hello Nigeria. This is Anonymous. today with date 31st May, Monday 2021, we bring you a major exposition, this is however not a part of the exposition 6. This is a plan towards the agenda by the agendists, teamed up with the same Bastard with name Mr Hopeless Uzodimma who is a leader in the Imo region.


Mr. Hopeless must be aware Anonymous now watch all his movements, phone calls and messenger conversations.

Mr. Hopeless must be aware, Anonymous would stop at nothing to destroy him! Until you are laid down below the ground level, we assure you. Anonymous shall not let you rest.

You called us idiots, that is well taken but we shall destroy you, exactly the way you had destroyed a lot of families, killed a lot of people, your own people I mean.

We shall make sure you are lowered down into the ground in few months. Until that happens, you shall not rest Mr. Hopeless. Exactly like your name, you would be made hopeless indeed.

Mr Hopeless, we are well aware in the role you played in the death of a man with name Ahmed Gulak.

We challenge you to tell the world what you had discussed with a man with name Major General Aliyu Monguno, how you invited Mr Ahmed Gulak into the Imo region to get killed in the quest to stir up a full blown war.

We challenge you to release the phone conversations you made between 26th May to 29th May.

How you had withdrawn all security attached to Mr Ahmed Gulak and had instructed no security be attached to him; listen carefully Mr Hopeless, you have exceeded your limits of atrocities.

You are indeed a devil and so we shall handle you as one.

Nigerians must be aware, those being pointed to as the killers of Mr Ahmed Gulak are all innocent; you must be aware, Mr Ahmed Gulak is a bait used by the agendists to ignite a full blown war.

Remember we had told you two days ago, you should expect a lot of mishaps in that region from this day, Monday to Friday. This exactly was one of the master plans.

You must not dance to this music or you would be consumed. Mr Ahmed Gulak was killed by Mr Hope as instructed by Major General Aliyu “Mongolian”.

Nigerians must be careful of these dirty plans made by their politicians; we’ve always been here exposing things ahead of time, we are always a step ahead of them.

You must not be lazy to defend yourself. This is to say, you must be ready at all time.

Remember what we told you about the year 2022, from October 1st, you must remain vigilant until that year and time is passed. And you must remember.

We are Anonymous,

We are legion,

We do not forgive,

We do not forget.

Expect Us.”


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