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How A Married Woman Got Her Husband Drunk Then R*ped Him In Lagos

Posted By Above naija ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | In Viral | Oct 28, 2021, 7:06 pm

Mrs. Funsho Ikudola, a 56-year old woman, has has been dragged to court in Lagos.

The woman confessed before the Court that she once got her husband, Akinola, drunk and raped him because he had been starving her of s*x for seven years in their matrimonial home.

Mrs. Funsho, at the Igando Customary Court in Lagos, where her husband, Akinola, filed a suit asking the Court for divorce from his wife on grounds that she got pregnant for another man while still living with him.

The embittered Akinola pleaded with the Court to end his 21-year old marriage claiming wife got pregnant for another man while still living with him, informed him of the pregnancy and denied the paternity but allowed her to stay to know the paternity.

“When she was in labour, she refused to go to the hospital, she was delivered of the baby at home but the baby died,” the petitioner alleged. “Our first daughter, who just finished Secondary School, always brings men to the house. Whenever I order my wife to caution her, she will fight me.Funsho permitted her to spend three months with her boyfriend without my consent and the girl is pregnant presently,” he submitted.

Akinola also accused his wife of always stealing his money. Responding, the wife, Funsho, expressed her frustration in the marriage and consented to the dissolution of the union, accusing Akinola of engaging in extra-marital affairs. “He moves around with women of different sizes, shades and colours. My husband is uncaring to our children and he always says the children will only remember me if they are successful in the future,” she added.

The respondent said that the children were wayward because their father was hostile to them. The President of the Court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, dissolved the marriage stating that it was proper for both parties to go their separate ways since they were tired of living together as husband and wife.

Since both parties consented to the dissolution of the marriage, this Court has no choice than to dissolve the marriage.” “The Court hereby pronounces the marriage between Akinola and Funsho Ikudola dissolved today. Both of you henceforth cease to be husband and wife. Each of you should go on his or her separate ways unmolested; the Court wishes both of you well in your future endeavours,” he said.

He gave custody of the two children to their mother and ordered Akinola to pay N10, 000 monthly for their feeding and must be responsible for the education and general welfare. The Court President, Koledoye, ordered the petitioner to pay N300,000 to his wife as severance and accommodation fee.

“The petitioner is to pay N150,000 as severance fee to his wife for her to move on with her life and another N150,000 for her to rent an accommodation so that she can move out of his house,” he ruled.

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