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New Scam Alert : My Hard Earned 15k After A Guy Showed Me His [email protected] Part – Wisdom cries out

Posted By Above naija ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | In Trending, Viral | Dec 8, 2021, 5:43 am

New Scam Alert : How I Was Scammed Of My Hard Earned 15k After A Guy Showed Me His [email protected] Part – Wisdom Nwedene

Please, there is a new way of scaming people right now which I believe you should be careful because we are in ember month.

This morning, I was scammed of 15k after a guy cried bitterly that I broke his House Glass Window and showed me his private part.

How It Started….


This morning, I entered Keke Napep (Tricycle) at popular Vanco Junction in Ebonyi State. I was actually going to my home town. My mother demanded for my attention so I needed to go early in the morning and come back in order to continue my work.

When we got to Sharon Junction, a lady wanted to come down, so as I was trying to come down in order to make way for the lady to step down, the guy deliberately allowed the glass to fall down and immediately said I touched the “sack bag” he was putting the window glass that’s why it fell down from his hand. The guy was sitting close to the Keke rider in the front.

However, I pleaded with him that I am so sorry that the window glass got broken but of a truth I didn’t know how and when I touched him and he accepted.

Reaching to where I will finally drop off, this guy started crying ooo.

He brought out his manh000d in public and started crying that he was going to work with the glass before I broke it. That he wanted to use the money raised from fixing the glass for a client to treat infection that he is battling with. I was really embarrassed immediately he brought out his manh000d.

He said that the person who has the glass won’t pay him again because he was going to work with it.

I had to withdraw at a POS that’s close by and I gave it to him because he stopped crying and put his manh000d back. It was later that I discovered it is a new trick in town

So, my dear brothers and sisters, each time you enter Keke or bus, be extremely careful with whomever that is sitting close to you to avoid paying for damage that you didn’t know when it happened.




Wisdom Nwedene



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