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5 things Jude Okoye as he replied Cynthia Morgan, May D and Peter (P Square) [Video]

Posted By Kenneth nwakauba | In Celebrity News | Jul 10, 2022, 10:54 am

Okoye says that his contract with Morgan ended in 2017 and whatever she’s saying now is cooked up.

On May 24, 2020, Nigerian Video Director, Producer and CEO of Northside Entertainment, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye replied all the allegations against him by his former artist, Cynthia Morgan during an Instagram Live chat with blogger, Tunde Ednut. Earlier in the day, Morgan had become a trending topic for some of the things she said about Okoye in a chat with Vanessa Ogbebor.

Here are the top five things he said;

1) I never took her name, Cynthia Morgan

During the chat with Ogbebor, Cynthia Morgan intimated that she changed her name from Cynthia Morgan to Madrina because the contract she signed with Northside Entertainment precluded her from using that name. Okoye has now moved to debunk those claims.

He says, “Which law in the world fit make person stop dey answer name wey him mama and papa give am? I’m going to send you Cynthia Morgan’s contract, it’s a five-page document and when you see it, you can tell me where it says my company owns a right to her name. I didn’t even prepare the contract, it was Cynthia Morgan and he former manager, Joy [Tongo] who prepared the contract.”

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These claims were backed up by someone close to the case, whom Pulse Nigeria spoke to earlier in the day. Okoye then went further to say that his contract with Morgan ended in 2017 and whatever she’s saying now is cooked up. Okoye also says that Morgan had started answering Madrina before leaving Northside Entertainment.

2) Cynthia Morgan owes me over N40 million

During the conversation, Okoye made it known that Cynthia Morgan owes him N40 million that he never recouped. Describing how some of that money was spent, he says he shot 13 videos for Morgan with each video worth N3 m, bought her the white Range, gave her money to buy land for her mother. Okoye also says that Morgan played secret shows and kept the money for herself.

3) May D left when I offered him a contract

Earlier in the day, May D had words for Square Records and Jude Okoye. While we had thought that May D was signed to Square Records in May 2011, Engees Okoye says that May D was never signed. In fact, he says that May D left at the point Square Records offered him a contract. The angry Jude Okoye then cursed as he asked what people wanted him to do.

Okoye says that he treated May D like family and gave him rare privileges, but that May D wanted to live like P Square and that was not possible.

4) Why P Square broke up

Engees told Tunde Ednut that the problems started when Peter wanted him out of P Square because he felt that Usher and Beyonce had succeeded without family figures. However, Paul disagreed and that was allegedly where the fight started.

Engees Okoye says that Peter and Paul have no issues, but that Peter has an issue with him.

5) Does Jude Okoye have a problem with Peter’s wife?

Jude Okoye declined that question.

You can watch the full interview below;




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