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Dr. Sid sells ‘The Interesting’ lifestyle on new EP [Review]

Posted By Kenneth nwakauba | In Celebrity News | Jul 10, 2022, 3:23 pm

This EP’s only flaw is its length – a listener gets off it wanting more.

On April 11, 2020, Nigerian singer, Dr Sid’s debut album ‘Turning Point’ clocked 10 years – the album gave us more than four hits. At the time, Dr Sid went from being the rapper to the pop star who was nominated for Album of The Year at the 2011 Headies and won Best Pop Album at the same event.

To celebrate that album, Pulse Nigeria had a chat with Dr. Sid who has now transcended music into capitalism and a gaming maven. During the chat, he played four songs for this writer.

On May 8, 2020, Dr Sid released The Interesting EP. Four of the songs Dr. Sid played for this writer during the aforementioned chat ended up on this EP. One of them was ‘Lit’ featuring LadiPoe which served as its lead single. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the morning of May 9, 2020 and ‘Interesting‘ featuring Don Jazzy has been on repeat for one hour.

The song is a guitar rich hi-life tune with pon pon percussion of Ghanaian origin. It’s a love song with that qualifies everything a certain woman says and does as, ‘interesting.’ Lyrically, it’s relatable – every man has seen this type of woman. And that hook… Oh, that hook is beautiful.

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Reluctantly, you might move on to ‘The Lifestyle’ featuring MI Abaga. It’s a song about opulence and the good life built on an AfroR&B beat. While other songs about opulence get you dreamy, this doesn’t seek to make you jealous – it aims to help you feel like you’re living that life.

‘Carry Go’ is an Ozedikus-produced lamba of astronomical quality. It highlights something we have known for years – Dr. Sid has some interesting hooks, fam. It’s premised on the idea of admiration of a woman while telling a detailed story of the encounter that leads to that admiration. ‘Groove’ is an afro-folk track dedication to the good life which involves women, sex and party.

‘Lit’ is a trapfro dedication to the counter-culture of blowing trees – also known as smoking weed.

Final Thoughts

This EP’s only flaw is its length – a listener gets off it wanting more. The overall theme of The Interesting EP is suited to pop music – it’s not meant for you to get overly scholarly about. The EP aims to sell you positivity by doling out elements of the good life in perfect doses. Through the EP, you enjoy the melodies, you sail on funny moments and you get satisfied.

The Interesting EP is not just interesting, it’s a short Rolodex of a man’s talent and his natural ability to craft resonant songs. Even when Dr. Sid makes adlibs and expletives, something strikes you. In the end, you realize that Dr. Sid‘s greatest blessing has always been his technique and his ability to attack a beat the way it is.

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Abovenaija Rating: /10

8.5/10 – Champion



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