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Man Sleep’s with Late wife for The Past 16 years – Photos

Posted By Above naija ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | In Viral | Jul 10, 2022, 4:20 pm

Meet the Man Who Has Been Sharing a Bed with His Wife’s Dead Body for the Past 16 Years

Usually, what happens when a person loses a loved one is to give them a befitting burial and then move on with life, however, one man in Vietnam has shocked everyone with his line of action after his wife died.
Identified as Mr. Le Van, the man whose wife died 16 years ago, has refused to bury her, instead, he has been sleeping with her remains on the same bed since she passed away.
According to a report by Oddity Central, Le Van and his wife did not date before they got married because their marriage was arranged by their parents. At the time, Le Van was in the military so when he came back, the couple got married in 1975.
The couple eventually became so fond of each other and had seven kids together. They were not very rich but they lived a peaceful and really contented life with their children.
However, tragedy struck in 2003 when Le Van’s beloved wife passed away. At the time, he was not even at home because he was working in another town far away. When the news got to him, he rushed back in shock and confirmed that she had really died. He was extremely devastated by the development and could not handle his wife’s death at all.

The man’s wife was eventually buried but after some months, Le Van secretly arranged to have his wife’s body dug out of her grave. He then built a statue that looked like a woman before putting his wife’s remains inside it. He placed the statue on the bed and has been lying with it ever since.

Family and friends came to know about Le Van’s weird act after some time and tried to make him stop but he won’t listen to anyone. The man’s children were especially very angry and asked him to return their mother to her resting place. However, he has vowed never to part with her.
According to Oddity Central, Mr. Le Van’s action has caused some friction in his family as more pressure is put on him to return his wife’s remains to the cemetery. At the moment, though, Le Van has continued to sleep with his wife’s remain



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