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Oyo state Head of Service’s son trapped in ghost worker scandal

Posted By Kenneth nwakauba | In News | Jul 11, 2022, 6:07 am

The Head of Service’s son confessed that he truly promised a “ghost worker” slot to keep his friend in his “team”.

Ayobami Agboola, son of Oyo State Head of Service was severely criticised on social media on Saturday, May 9, 2020, over a job scandal.

Agboola known as @Dondekojo on Twitter became the main topic of discussion after he and his friend, Sulaimon Adesola (advsola) exposed each other over job slots scandal in Oyo state.

The two friends are both popular on Twitter for their views about politics and governance, and thousands of their followers see them as social media influencers.

Agboola, whose mother, Amidat Agboola was appointed as Head of Service in 2019, was said to have promised to use his mother’s influence to include Adesola’s name in a list of “ghost workers” in Oyo State.

Agboola’s father, Hosea Agboola, is also a political appointee in Oyo state government. He was recently appointed chairman of Governor Seyi Makinde’s advisory committee.

Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde [Twitter/@Seyimakinde]
Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde [Twitter/@Seyimakinde

The disagreement that prompted Agboola and Adesola to share their secrets on Twitter started when the latter criticised Governor Seyi Makinde’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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But Agboola said his friend’s criticism against the governor’s administration was because he could not secure a “ghost job” under his government.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Agboola said his friend came to him in February 2019, begging him to help him with a government job that’ll keep him less busy.

Adesola, who according to Agboola was jobless at the time was said to have pestered him to get him a ghost worker job, adding that he refused to involve himself in any job scandal in Oyo state.

“I want to state categorically that I know nothing about any racketeering scheme, I only egged someone I assumed was a friend on because he was doing pro bono work and I admit I should have been clearer to him as he started pestering”, He tweeted.

In his reply to Agboola’s tweets, Adesola said it was the Head of Service’s son, that promised to use his mother’s influence to secure him a slot. He also shared a screenshot of their conversations to back up his claims.

However, in a telephone interview with Premium Times, Agboola confessed that he truly promised a “ghost worker” slot to keep his friend in his “team”.

He said, “He approached me and I held him on because he was working for me. He was doing a pro-bono job for me and I wanted to keep his hope alive which he was never going to get.”

He said he promised Adesola, whom he described as a ‘political jobber’ worked with him on social media campaigns for him, adding that he promised him the ghost workers slot just to make him happy.

He also said he made him a promise because he did not want to lose the man to another political party.

The idea of ghost workers is a common practice among corrupt civil servants, who use names of non’workers known as ghosts to receive illegal pay.



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