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Speak these 5 love languages to your partner and you will live happily ever after

Posted By Kenneth nwakauba | In Relationship | Jul 11, 2022, 6:08 am

It doesn’t always take saying “I love you” to let your partner know how you feel.

Sometimes, talk is cheap, the action, or how you behave usually tells how you feel.

There are lots of small but heartfelt ways to tell your boo or bae just exactly how you feel without having to verbalize it, and you can cater it to their love language so they’re sure to pick up what you’re putting down.

These are the ways that people express and receive love. Allow yourself and your partner to live your way, happily ever after.

1. Giving gifts

Not necessarily based in materialism as you may think, this love language is about the thought and meaning that goes into giving and receiving gifts.

Surprise your with tickets to a concert or event you know they would love, pay attention to the things they mention they want by keeping a secret list on your phone.

Then, when their birthday or a holiday comes along, you have the perfect gift ideas that you know they will love, but will also show you’re paying attention.

2. Quality time

Rather than clock watching, this love language is about the quality moments spent together. If you have a demanding job or life commitments and can’t spare very much time, don’t stress.

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Quality time individuals don’t necessarily need a lot of attention. They want to see your actions, specifically how you prioritize making time to spend with them and focusing on the relationship.

Make a reservation for dinner somewhere special, just for the two of you, set some time aside every night where you both put your phones away and just catch up on your day.

3. Words of affirmation

This way of loving uses words to express care and affection. Small articulations of appreciation and adoration are the key to this love language. Statements such as “thank you for cooking this delicious meal” or “you look amazing today” are the things that make these people tick.

For folks whose love language is words of affirmation, compliments are the most effective way to communicate how you feel, so use your words.

4. Acts of service

Usually, it’s not just sending Mobile money or giving check buts providing certain services when your partner needs it most.

All you have to do is to place meaning on taking care of something so that your partner doesn’t have to.

5. Physical touch

For people who talk this love language, actions such as holding hands, a back rub, a kiss, a hug and sex, are all significant expressions of love.

Depending on the type of relationship, varying levels of physical interactions, with consent, are essential. The absence of cuddles and other touch-based expressions of affection can leave people who receive love this way feeling isolated and unloved.



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