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Teni & Davido Are Meant For Each Other “For You” Review

Posted By Above naija ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | In Entertainment | Jul 11, 2022, 4:23 am

Teni and Davido together share a bond that is strong and is like an epic transit in wonderland, like a place where they express both flaming feeling and entanglement for themself;

maybe at an equal precision as they showed from the record delivery and, transcended to their cinematic visual that portrays the deep love they might share secretly for one another which slowly erupts publicly; well look deeper and aside from the strong clot chemistry in “For You” record, you’d affirm their love and would want them to forge ahead after now.

For You”, is the confirmation of something emotional they share that erupts through the music and visual.


They love each other literally and they’ve unveiled the stronger sense in between their debut collaboration that could have been offered with an open heart perhaps, and really seem like a kind of matrimonial record they share together.

They openly confess to each other on the record, how they would share the same experience, “for better for worse” like Teni’s 2018 hit single, “Case”, where she played heroic for her love.

“I go slap police for your case oh/I go to war for your case oh/I go to court for your case oh.”

She continued and entirely became a hero for her love.

It’s in her know how to implement this character very rightly.

Davido, the Popular Nigerian singer, played heroic for his Jailed lover (Teni), who he refute losing and paid the huge price, put his life on the line to save her on the verge, and became wanted by the corps.

He singed intensely and strong as also backed the music as they never stopped chorusing strong and hooking the record together as one, before Davido began confessing vows and uphold to the sonic essence in verse two, at the middle of the record.

“All my Ego na for you(all my ego for you)/All my raba na for you(all my raba for you)/Gbogbo owo mi na for you yea(hmm girl for you)/All the motor for my garage for you(plenty motor in the garage for you)/All my ego na for you(ego na for you)/All my raba na for you(all my raba na for you girl)/Gbogbo owo mi na for you yea/All the motor for the garage for you(plenty motor for the garage for you).”

They chorused together, it was worthwhile and it’s a sign they should forge ahead after now as Davido proved the confessions on his verse and all through the cinematic visuals by popular Nigerian video director, “Twitch”.

Davido’s lyrics came like his vow and it was strong. “30billy for you/All the benz for you/I’ll put my life on the line for you/Nobody else but you/Baby baby baby boo shekpe/You know say you be my boo/If I ever leave you o baby I be fool/Baby I be fool..”

He continued driving the lyrical essence deeper and, it was actually a sophisticated vow he self-made and the record abruptly exposed what they shared very strongly.

Final Thoughts
Teni The Entertainer and Davido, Baddest – is a very chic experience to witness on this record, “For You”

I can’t wait to experience their stage performance together to overflow this feeling they share.

Like I earlier said on this review, their feeling erupts and it seems what they share for each other behind closed doors, comes publicly and it’s still beautiful.

They agree with each other and this could be found in Teni being open-hearted as Davido, they love to be grateful and might trust for loving easily.

The record is Afrobeat driven, and such union to be shared between male and female acts in the Nigerian music industry to drive culture like this with an open heart and sense of strong loving into fans heart is highly welcomed.

Collaboration Chemistry: 4/5
Delivery: 3/5
Sonic Excellence: 3/5
Overall: 3/5



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