Make Up to $150K while working in The City of Calgary

The solution to your next job move can be right there in front of you. Many jobs in the City of Calgary are open right now, and some have yearly salaries of up to $150,000.

Engineers and human resources managers are among the many diverse positions that the City of Calgary is now searching for. If hired, you might earn a delicious triple-digit salary while working in the city.

Here are a few high-paying positions offered by the City of Calgary that you can apply for right now:

Leader Workplace Solutions

Pay range: $89,632 to 137,281 year

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a degree in architecture or interior design In this position, you would be in charge of ensuring that the City’s office space satisfies corporate needs and is reasonably priced.

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Senior Engineer, Track and Infrastructure

$98,595 to $151,009 per year in pay

Who Should Apply: If you have an engineering degree and a lot of rail transit expertise, this job may be ideal for you. Working on the Green Line Program, a new LRT line that would link various city regions, would be your responsibility.

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Finance Lead, Fleet and Inventory

$89,632 to $137,281 in annual salary

Who Should Apply: You would advise and assist the fleet services department in Calgary. Anyone having a degree in a relevant subject and an accounting certification ought to apply.

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Leader, Respect and Inclusion

$89,632 to $137,281 in annual salary

Those who are passionate about fostering a “equitable, diverse, and inclusive” workplace should apply. You would be employed by the Calgary Fire Department to assist in bringing about systemic change through initiatives, programmes, and education.

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Head of Human Resources, Compensation

$89,632 to $137,281 in annual salary

Who Should Apply: If you have extensive HR expertise, you could manage the Total Rewards and Healthy Workplace team in Calgary. You would be in responsible of creating and upholding efficient compensation plans for City employees.

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Reliability Engineer

$86,967 to $131,311 per year in pay

Who Should Apply: A specialist in programmes for reliability-centered maintenance. To boost the reliability of the City’s vehicles and equipment, you would use data from numerous sources.

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